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Primary District Information:  
General County Fund 1.4009
State Aid (for primary residents only) -0.796
State Equalization 0.4875
Community College 1.1956
Fountain Hills Unified School District 1.6869
  Primary Tax Totals
Secondary District Information:    
Central AZ Water Consv District 0.14
Fire District Assistance District 0.0102
Flood Control District 0.1792
Library District 0.0556
Maricopa Spec Health District 0.1931
FHUSD Overrides 0.3944
Community College Bonds 0.214
FHUSD Bonds 0.3684
Maricopa Spec Health Dist Bonds 0.092
Town of Fountain Hills Bonds 0.4259
  Secondary Tax Totals
Special District Information:    
Addl Educ Aid - FH 0.4477
Eagle Mtn CFD
East Valley Institute 0.05
FH Sanitary District 0.9836
  Total for Special Districts
Grand Total Estimated Property Tax